Sample Collection and Archiving

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specializes in laboratory scanning systems for sample tracking and management. Offering mobile, single reader, and rack reader solutions, our systems streamline sample tracking and management processes in laboratories, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

QuickScan NT rack reader

QuickScan NT

The QuickScanNT for sample entrance, reads samples in ~1 second, optimizing images with AI for precise analysis and seamless integration.

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MobileONE mobile single reader


The MobileONE is a portable tube reader with internal storage, capable of wirelessly transferring scanned IDs to a PC via Bluetooth. Ideal for seamless, on-the-go data collection.

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It’s a camera-based image processing system used to capture data. It can handle single or multiple samples, depending on its application, ensuring accurate and efficient data collection.

FlashScanV2 Cryo rack reader

FlashScan cryo

The FlashScan Cryo reads samples from -196°C to 25°C without fogging. Ideal for reliable tracking of samples in the lab.

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sample tracking

is vital for ensuring the accurate and reliable handling of specimens in laboratories. It allows for real-time monitoring, reduces the risk of sample loss or mix-ups, and ensures data integrity. Effective tracking supports compliance with regulatory standards and enhances overall lab efficiency.

QuickScan aoftware

QuickScan Software

QuickScan software captures rack data and serves as a universal interface for capturing devices, ensuring efficient and user-friendly operation.

QuickONE single tube reader


The QuickONE single tube reader is a standalone device that connects via USB. It offers plug-and-play functionality and reads 2D marked tubes effortlessly.

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2D barcode

They are crucial in laboratories for sample traceability because they ensure accurate identification, minimize human errors, and streamline data entry. This enhances efficiency, improves data integrity, and ensures compliance with regulatory standards, leading to reliable and reproducible results.

Defrost Roll

Defrost Roll

The DefrostRoll tool is designed for defrosting samples from freezers, preparing them for scanning. Easy to use with available alcohol.

Sample Collector software

Sample Collector

Sample Collector software captures IDs from barcode readers and exports them efficiently to other applications. It allows adding unlimited custom columns for additional information.